Guidelines for Creating Video for Digital Marketing

What’s the Best Video for Your Business? “I need a video” seems like an easy request but there are many things that go into creating and producing a video. Even if it’s a simple GIF, :15 sec promo video and obviously the 5-minute brand video there are going to be some planning, ideation, style, writing

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Social Media Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

With the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms, advertisers may sometimes have a hard time keeping up with best practices when it comes to sizing your ad creative. As potential buyers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to not only see what their friends are doing on social media but as a way to

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5 Crucial Digital Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2019

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne From a marketing perspective, focusing on the future is always a good thing. With that said, in the 1950s, a large segment of the population was convinced a consumer in 2019 would operate a flying car or teleport to work, order meals by pushing a

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Why Content Marketing Is an Everlasting Trend

Content marketing is an everlasting trend in digital marketing. It’s one that must be revered and managed to ensure maximum viability for any brand. Platforms and technology can and will change. Paper books have given way to e-readers, smartphone apps continue to usurp traditional web pages, and Twitter has become the nation’s news source over

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Internet Marketing & Search Engine Consultants

Search Engine Optimisation Consultants for Digital Marketing If you are looking for the best internet marketing search engine consultants. For quality SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation). From London UK to New York USA. We provide you. Successful SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services. From international SEO experts. For effective internet marketing campaigns. Our SEM consultant services. Are

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